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Pharmacy Training In Universities

Pharmacy Training In Universities

Nobody doubts today that university education is at a moment of transformation and it is no longer possible to consult with university education outside the European Peaks.

From the guidelines proposed up to now from the European Convergence, the emphasis is put on methodology as an important tool to carry out the shift. The shift from conventional master classes, where the student was a mere passive thing, to more technical courses, workshops, and seminars, in which the contents are focused on the creation of competencies and skills from the student. That is the transformation from teaching depending on the information of the instructing team to a teaching based on the formative activity of the pupil.

Within this framework, the Pharmaceutical Practice Classroom of this CEU-Cardenal Herrera University has been developed. The Pharmaceutical Practice Classroom was established so that both students and teachers may utilize patients to acquire knowledge about the disorder and drug treatment, interacting with each other, and acquiring abilities to respond to their requirements.

The Pharmacy pupil, therefore, will have contact with the individual from the start of the degree, will learn how to detect the needs of individuals as they undergo their studies and will apply the knowledge obtained in a real clinic, which will enable them to develop the skills required for a fantastic professional. In this manner creativity, the growth of logic, and instinct are encouraged to train thinkers.

The Pharmaceutical Practice Classroom not just welcomes patients, but also pharmaceutical practitioners that accompany their patients to the university to help them solve their problems. Both professionals and teachers and students learn with all the cases raised. This manner, the university ceases to be an amazing location, closed and accessible only to some, to be a place of learning accessible to the population.

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