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Management tips for supervising pharmacists



Management tips for supervising pharmacists

Management tips for supervising pharmacists

The tutored practices are part of one of the modules that make up the Degree in Pharmacy, Possess a core character along with a Demeanor of 30 ECTS credits (like the end of degree work), That Can Be equivalent to a 6-month Remain in one of the receiving Centres to Take out It (pharmacy office or hospital pharmacy Support ).

Its content intends to train the student in all aspects about the professional activities which are generally carried out from the community pharmacy or hospital.

The choice of pupil receiving centers need to be reached among facilities which transcend homologation standards, according to previously established quality criteria, which recognize the capability of these centers to give supervised practices. In this manner, students are guaranteed the realization of quality practices regardless of the center in which they are completed.

The experience of the last years, in many faculties, reveals that the degree of several centers in which these practices are developed is obviously insufficient for the acquisition of competences that the pupils are expected to achieve.

Taking into Consideration the new professional approach of this pharmacist, specially oriented to satisfy the needs of the patient in relation to their medication, during the duration of supervised clinics, training according to activities associated with pharmaceutical care should take precedence:

• The practice of active or informed dispensing to patients ought to be affected.

• at the resolution of questions for pharmaceutical indications in minor ailments, as well as

• in the acquisition of abilities to restrain pharmacotherapy or pharmacotherapeutic follow-up in patients (especially in chronic sufferers ).

For that, the tutors or instructors of the receiving centers need to prove they have sufficient training in this field, in addition to a minimal of practical knowledge in pharmaceutical care.

On the other hand, the centers must be periodically supervised as a way to confirm they meet the requirements required from the homologation, and be evaluated so as to revive it.

The Mixed Commission of every Faculty should play an active part in this respect and set measures to guarantee the necessary quality of this crucial period in the training of pupils.

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