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The CNMC decides on the project that aims to recast the modifications to the Law



CNMC Company Law

CNMC Company Law

The CNMC determines on the job which aims to recast the adjustments into the Law of Guarantees

Last March the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC) released its report on the

Draft Royal Legislative Decree, which elicits the text of the Law on Guarantees and Rational Use of Medicines and Healthcare devices.

This report is prepared by the Commission at the request of the Ministry of Health, being shared in the practice of creating a standard.

Primarily, it ought to be mentioned that the above Royal Legislative Decree is meant to prepare one text which incorporates the great number of alterations that, because its entry into force, have been occurring in Law 29/2006, of 26 July, of Guarantees and Reasonable Use of Medications. Likewise, said standard attempts to explain and harmonize the Law of Guarantees.

The CNMC normally appreciates the text favorably. But it creates several observations:


The CNMC comprehends the Draft Royal Legislative Decree doesn’t need to be restricted to recasting all of the alterations which were made since 2006 into the Legislation. He understood the legal texts must be”harmonized” and”explained”. Hence, they allege the philosophy of the Constitutional Court in accordance with the recasting power reaches the removal of arguments and antinomies, in addition to the introduction of mathematical and other standards, so as to accomplish a coherent text.


a) Positive tests: facets like the marketing of generics, substitution by the pharmacist, or prescription to the active ingredient are appreciated positively.

B) Negative ratings: amongst others, aspects like the absence of rationale and the consequent look of the various pricing systems for medications, the excess ordering of their pharmacy offices, the limitation to operators in supply via specific channels are emphasized. Commercialization aside from conventional (net or space ), etc..
The CNMC knows that the above can pose issues connected to the principle of liberty of the company enshrined in our Constitution.

CNMC’s disagreements

Below we emphasize, a Bit More profoundly, the CNMC’s arguments on some of the valued facets:

Limits on the promotion of medications through different channels distinct from the conventional ones: The CNMC believes, regarding this stage, which might be limiting the entrance of new operators which may introduce fresh doses of dynamism and competition on the industry. Additionally, it expressly understands the”book of action for pharmacy office holders (who should also be registered and licensed ) seems disproportionate and may be reconsidered.”

As a result of the foregoing, the CMNC comprehends a particular liberalization of non-prescription medication can be reconsidered.

Excessive structure of pharmacy offices and other institutions: The CNMC reiterates the present regulation represents a barrier to freedom of establishment and free contest. It highlights that a limitation is based on the practice of the action of the pharmacy offices which decides the incompatibility of the pharmacist’s professional practice from the pharmacy office, by way of instance, with any sort of direct financial interests of their labs and/or wholesale warehouses. Without prejudice to the fact that this limitation attempts to ensure that the pharmacist’s liberty in the treatment of medicines and the supply of pharmaceutical care solutions for the economical interests of labs or wholesale providers,

As can be observed, the prior arguments of those CNMC are new but are reaffirmed in its own position of recent occasions, as it had been contended at the time contrary to the Law on Professional Counsel or the draft Law on Services and Professional Faculties. What’s evident is that the majority of these CNMC’s arguments prioritize the economic within the wellbeing.

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