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Why become a pharmacist and not a doctor (Full Guide)



Why become a pharmacist and not a doctor

Why become a pharmacist and not a doctor

Our fellow pharmacy office holders aren’t having a Fantastic time. A number of them do not charge for months for the medications they’ve dispensedthey must explain to their patients the generic shift that they are obliged to dispense all times, describe why they now have to cover the medicine that has been prescribed, actually a number of them are expected to collect an amount for each prescription.

It doesn’t look the ideal scenario for these, as college students who are (I say it with a capital letter and with pride), to document or record their specialist activities, in order to analyze them and understand if they’re behaving properly or if they can improve them. And, as well as exploring in this way and in order to be able to compare their activities with those of other coworkers and find out what is possible, print and discuss them, and debate them at conventions in the form of presentations.

It’s the only way and it is what differentiates a University student to enhance the support given to patients day by day, which is, don’t forget, the only reason behind the Community Pharmacist, whose instruction as an expert in medicines it’s been performed through the University due to the taxes paid by taxpayers, who in return anticipate these professionals to assure them that the medications that they take are needed, effective and safe for each individual.

As I said before, it doesn’t seem that the surroundings where the community spouse is forced to work at the moment is the perfect one to be able to do this job. And in these hard moments as it is most necessary to behave like University students, keep the pride of being one and not forget the end that we exist.

This magazine is especially geared toward young pharmacists and those that aren’t yet but are at their last years of University. And this University spirit to which I’ve alluded has to be promoted since those years, and in fact it is already a fact that graduate and undergraduate students are contributing communications and work into the pharmaceutical scientific community and are acquiring the necessary dependence to continue doing so. During his life.

In November the SEFAC (Spanish Society of Community Pharmacy) Congress will take place in Barcelona. I suggest from this article to promote my colleagues in age and in spirit and to the pupils of postgraduate and last degree classes to actively participate in stated Congress and donate their research work in the form of a poster.

Now more than ever the amount of assistants and communications must be as large as you can, because today more than ever I sincerely believe that our community partners urgently must recover the pride of becoming pharmacists.

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